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File Extension ICA


A lot of the problems in ICA file formats and in most other file formats are registry conflicts. Cleaning the PC registry may repair many issues in ICA file extensions. Issues with ICA file format? What would you like to do to fix the ICA files?
  1. Scan computer for problems with ICA files: Free ICA Scan
  2. Repair Registry conflicts with ICA files: ICA Reg Repair
  3. I don't know, just fix it: Install Software
ICA file extension
ICA File Extension

If you receive a file with an unknown extension, it may take a bit if detective work to determine what type of file it is and what software you need to open it. While some file extensions are relatively simple to identify, such as .pdf for documents or .mp3 for audio files, others arenít quite that easy. Some file extensions can have many duplicates. The file extension .img has 20 different possible applications and others are almost as bad.(Filext) For example, if you receive a file with an .ica extension, you may need to consider your circumstances to determine which is the most likely file type. The .ica file extension can refer to three different file types.

* Independent Computer Architecture by Citrix Software if you are a Citrix System user. This file type must be opened using proprietary Citrix System software.

* Identity Compass Encrypted Answers, which is a personnel selection tool and requires proprietary ID Compass software.

* Image Object Content Architecture, which is an image file for graphics creation and can be opened with Graphics Converter Pro or XnView in Windows or XnView in Mac systems. (File Info) Although none of these file types are listed as common, the 3rd choice is the most common of the three choices and is the most likely to be the file you have, particularly if you are involved in graphics development. This file type has multiple applications in image processing including creating icons, listed as one of its most popular features. (File extensions) The .ica format type was developed by IBM as a standardized method to allow image data to be consistently interpreted and exchanged over the Internet. (Leadbook) With the correct software, such as XnViewer, you can import and export graphics, edit, resize and manipulate images, create slideshows and filmstrips. (File-Extensions)

If you receive an .ica file and cannot open it, your best option is to check into free software to open the file. Both Graphics Converter Pro and XnView offer a free trial version of shareware. (Top Shareware)

Opening ICA Files

ICA files have at least 3 way(s) to be opened. The ICA programs which open ICA files include: Citrix Independent Computer Architecture File, Identity Compass Encrypted Answers, Image Object Content Architecture (IOCA) Graphics File
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.ICA File Format #1

ICA Program: Citrix Independent Computer Architecture File
ICA Company: Citrix
Fix ICA Errors
Repair ICA Issues
Scan for ICA Problems
open ICA files

.ICA File Format #2

ICA Program: Identity Compass Encrypted Answers
ICA Company: Identity Compass International GmbH.
Fix ICA Errors
Repair ICA Issues
Scan for ICA Problems
open ICA files

.ICA File Format #3

ICA Program: Image Object Content Architecture (IOCA) Graphics File
ICA Company: No ICA Company Listed
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